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Copyright © 2013 - 2017 by Barbara Pelizzoli. All rights reserved. By using this site you agree and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Copyright © 2013 - 2017 by Barbara Pelizzoli. All rights reserved. By using this site you agree and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Our books can be purchased internationally from the Amazon of your own country.

Click the flag below to access your country’s Amazon page where you can browse our library and take advantage of free shipping, secure check out process and membership benefits.

“We are a proud team and we are proud of what we do!” is the byword of this venture.  

IMAGINEABOOK.com is a website dedicated to children’s books. The team players are: Barbara Pelizzoli the Artist, Nicholas Bylsma the Writer, Elena Pelizzoli the Twin, Jennifer Austoni the Italian Editor, Michele Piccirillo the I.T Wizard.

Barbara is also the founder, creator and webmaster of IMAGINEABOOK.com

The website has been created to fulfill the need to showcase the growing library of our books, but it is not limited to just this, guests can find adorable journals, fun and interesting t-shirts and gifts, high quality posters and prints.

We tried to make the website as user friendly as possible and we hope we accomplished this.

Every book has a full dedicated page where guests can watch a trailer, order the book and view samples of the content.

Our children’s books are perfect for story time reading and will inspire children’s interest and imagination about different topics.

If you always wanted to color the pictures in a children’s book this is the right place for you! Our love for coloring books, brought us to develop the coloring version of most of our children’s picture books, just to fulfill this demand.

Our coloring books are designed with the child in mind. Every book is printed on high quality paper (not the common newsprint) and each drawing is printed only on one side of the page preventing the common disadvantage of the markers’ bleeding on the reverse side of the paper; making that picture unusable.

We also makes the effort to create the Italian version of each of our books in order to bring these products to the Italian speaking population.

Don’t you wish you had these books when you were a kid?

When you purchase a book through IMAGINEABOOK.com the transaction is processed entirely through the major online book retailer: Amazon. In this way IMAGINEABOOK.com guests can take advantage of using their Amazon account (including Amazon Prime), Amazon’s free shipping offers, discounts and Amazon’s secure check out. The use of Amazon as a distribution channel, allows these books to be available globally, accomplishing our dream to reach children all over the world.

Our mission is to put books into children’s hands, hence we give the message: “Give a Child a Book”.

And if you LOVE our books and illustrations don’t miss to check out our T-Shirt and Gifts Store filled with high quality clothing and accessories for the entire family and our Posters and Prints store, where you can enchant any room especially kids rooms and play rooms, with our illustrations and art.

If you need an answer to a question check out our Frequently Asked Question page.

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Thank you all for supporting our mission and to help children learn!